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Dr. Ghobrial's patients speak out. Providing insight and direct testimony to his quality of patient care, excellence to treatment provided and his staff's expertise and professionalism, here's what a few of our patients have to say.

Knee Replacement Surgery on both knees

"I had heard he was good, by word of mouth. I was well informed. I thought the staff was very pleasant, helpful and concerned. All went well, I had no problems. I have full range of motion and have returned to all my activities. People always ask me who did the surgery. It was helpful in walking and just maneuvering, getting around and walking without discomfort."

Laura Maloof
Cumberland, MD

Both Hips and Right Knee Surgery

"I heard a lot of good things about him. The staff is still taking care of me, I have my yearly checkups and everything has been excellent. So far so good, I'd say I'm more than 100% because I couldn't even drive prior to my surgery and now I'm back to the point now where I'm back to work and working 100%. It's the difference between being employed and not employed because I was at a point where I wasn't working at all and after the first operation I was back to work within 4-6 weeks."

Devon Coughenour
Hyndman, PA

Torn Labrum, Torn Bicep Tendon, Bone Spur

"He's the best surgeon around. I was treated great, they still answer questions. They had someone sitting there with me making sure I was comfortable, I was informed as to what went on and Dr. Ghobrial came by and sat with me and explained to me what I could look forward to in the recovery process. I'm there, I consider myself 100% I'm back to work, I'm back to doing the things that I like to do, lifting, running and things that I had to take a break from. You don't realize how much you miss those things till you can't do them. I'm just happy I'm back to my every day normal activities."

Brian Broadwater
Frostburg, MD

ACL Reconstruction

"I went to Dr. Ghobrial once when I was younger for an ankle injury; I really liked how he treated me and decided to come back to him for this surgery. As soon as Dr. Ghobrial knew what my treatment was going to be, he gave me a step by step walk through of what he was going to do, he was extremely informative. Every time I had a question he had no problem answering it, I went in for several follow up appointments, he made sure I was progressing the way I was supposed to. As far as the staff goes, they were awesome; the entire office is just great. Six weeks out of surgery I was already playing golf again, at this point I don't even feel it, it's like it never even happened. I recommend Dr. Ghobrial to everyone I know. Dr. Ghobrial is pretty much a friend now, I see him out and I'm not a patient to him, outside of being a doctor, he's somebody that I would want to provide care to me just because of the person that he is."

Zachary Perry
Cumberland, MD

Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery

"I simply wouldn't go to anybody else. He's just got a fantastic personality, he's got a fantastic reputation, he's done various different surgeries on friends of mine all with success. His bedside manner is fantastic, he's very personable. The staff couldn't have treated me any better. They were very good to me. We went to a social function this summer where there were probably about 150 people and my wife and I saw Dr. Ghobrial come in early on and I was talking with another friend and my wife says look who pulled up a chair behind you. We exchanged pleasantries, we talked football and personal stuff and then he asked me how I was doing and I at that time I may have been in the sling. Before he got up to leave my wife mentioned to him that I had an appointment with him the following Wednesday and he says oh you don't have to do that, you don't have to sit in my waiting room all day, consider this your appointment. Now how many guys do that? I mean he's just a fantastic guy, so personable, he's more a good friend than a surgeon to me."

Dave Christopher
Cumberland, MD

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